Does beer help with Kidney Stones? Myths Vs Facts

Kidney Stones


Once you get sick, your peer circle and family members will have thousands of suggestions in order to provide the most effective remedies against the disease. Often these remedies can play a counterproductive role and can lead to unnecessary delay in getting proper treatment. Having beer to get rid of your kidney stones is one such myth that has been floating around for many years, which is a hazardous solution that couldeven provefatal for patients. Here, our experts have discussed preventive measures while denouncing myths associated with this.

Myths Vs Facts

Have you ever experienced excruciating pain due to kidney stones? If yes, then you know it’s not like a nagging cough or a mild headache. Pain associated with stones can push a person to rush to a hospital, or could even require instant surgery to get relief. So, instead of putting yourself in risk, learn the facts about kidney stone treatment.

1. Beer Helps in Dissolving Kidney Stones

Can this be true? The answer is No! If you are having kidney stones, medicines prescribed by a qualified physician will help in the process of passing it through the ureter, or crushing it into bits, based on its size and nature. However, there is not much you can do to dissolve it with uncertain home remedies, especially with a pint of beer! If medication doesn’t help, your urologist will suggest other options for its removal.

2. Drinking beer will flush out kidney stones measuring less than 5mm

This is another dangerous beliefthat sometimes leads people to consume excess amounts of beer as a cure. There is no research that has proven beer flushes small sized kidney stones, or prevents recurrence. In the end, beer is an alcoholic substance that has a negative impact on your overall health.” Excessive intake of beer dehydrates the body, and compounds like oxalates and purines present in the alcoholic beverage accelerates the formation of kidney stones in such conditions,” explains a Urologist at AMRI Hospitals.

3. Beer is good for kidney stones!

Moderate drinking might not create much of health issues but if you are already suffering from kidney stones, it can be life-threatening. Beer is a diuretic that can produce lots of urine, which needs to be expelled out promptly. If the stone is struck in the passage, then urine that is getting collected can gradually damage your kidney. Also, beer triggers empty calories in the body, causing unexpected weight gain. Being overweight also increases the risk of developing kidney stones.

Beware of Myths!

No medical study has ever approved the idea of drinking beer as an effective preventive measure against kidney stones. Unmonitored consumption of alcoholic beverages as a cure for any medical condition is an unwise choice. Know that myths like these are dangerous and can lead to serious adverse effects on your health. If you are diagnosed with kidney stones, consult a urologist and get the right treatment as advised.

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