How does PuffCo plus range work?

range work


The PuffCo plus is a handy Vape device and a new addition to the emergent lineup of PuffCo products with the coil-less elite chamber and an integrated dab tool. There is one single button to limit all and the batter charges by screwing it onto the charger. Even a lot of Vape pens have one temperature setting however, it is good to see the tiny power flexibility. You can simply adjust this by clicking on a button four times when the device is on. There are three settings available such as high, medium, and low temperatures. They are highly represented by the colors such as white, blue, and green.

This PuffCo plus range ultimately works well right out of the box. If this is your initial wax vaporizer, you can be sure to verify the wax pen buyer’s guide for useful tips and information. The functionality of PuffCo Plus is as same as other Vape pens out there. On the basic side of things, there is nothing more than a chamber, a battery, and a mouthpiece.

Is PuffCo plus range worth it?

The PuffCo brand does not even place out a lot of products. But when they do, they would normally hit the home works. It seems like that must be a case with a Plus Vape pen that features a coil-free ceramic chamber, an integrated dab tool, and also good vapor quality. Before using it, let you dive into the review of PuffCo plus and also find out more about this sturdy wax pen. With a hefty price tag, it is worth the features. Overall, this device is extraordinary and very handy to carry.

A review of PuffCo plus range

Once you decide to use this, you can read the PuffCo Plus review. It is an amazing-tasting concentrate that is widely used when it is released. The settings of dual lower temperatures are very scrumptious. Therefore, the PuffCo Plus is the most convenient option and provides quality for a decent cost.


  • Dart
  • Handy and light
  • Sesh mode
  • Extraordinary vapor quality
  • Pure ceramic coil-less heating part
  • Three temperature options
  • Affordable cost
  • 12 seconds heat up time


  • Only one year warranty
  • Battery charging process

Since its invention, still, the PuffCo plus range is a top-shelf vaporizer. It’s tasty, stylish, and fits anywhere. If you are searching for a concentrate and portable vaporizer, you have simply found this. However, it is worth your money.

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