How to Calculate Blood Alcohol Level?

Blood Alcohol Level


Blood alcohol level indicates the amount of alcohol present in your blood. It is essential to check it often if you are addicted to consuming alcohol in excessive amounts regularly. It is a known fact that alcohol is a toxin that has the tendency to damage liver functions if present in large amounts in a person’s body.

It is commonly known as the BAC test that is often prescribed by doctors for those suffering from health problems caused by consuming excessive alcohol for a long time. The well-acclaimed rehab centers like Detox to Rehab use blood alcohol calculator to monitor the BAC in their patient’s body. It helps massively to understand the alcohol level that must be reduced in a person’s bloodstream.

More about BAC test:

– A phlebotomist conducts the test and send the blood samples to an authorized clinical laboratory and the results will be given to the client in a few days.

– It is a safe clinical procedure thus there is no need to fear.

– In the result, you can read the percentage of BAC content in your body. It will be stated in gm/milliliter.

– The results will also indicate whether there is alcohol present in your bloodstream or not.

– The test gives accurate results only within twelve hours of alcohol consumption.

– The legal BAC level in the USA ranges from 0.05% to 0.08% per 100ml of blood.

– Traffic police use the breathalyzer to check your intoxication while driving on road.

– The percentage of BAC in the bloodstream differs because the type of alcohol you have consumed as well. The beer, champagne and white wine have lower concentrate of alcohol in them;thus it remains under the legal BAC level. Whisky and strong alcoholic drinks increase BAC more than the legal level. Mixed alcoholic drinks have more toxins compared to any standard drink.

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