The Benefits of Taking CBD and THC Together, According to Yammy CBD

Taking CBD and THC Together


Why has CBD become so popular? Well, part of the reason for the enormous success and acceptance of CBD has indeed been the successful disassociation of CBD products from the cannabis culture with which they were originally associated. Which means, more or less, a disassociation from the effects of THC. The point is very often made that CBD products very often contain no – or negligible – amounts of THC. CBD itself is not psychoactive in the way that THC is, and it doesn’t get you “high”.

CBD’s massive popularity is instead on account of the myriad health benefits it can offer, from aiding with sleep to easing anxiety conditions, and from helping with concentration and focus to dealing with chronic pain. Separately, it is good that CBD is leaving behind associations with cannabis and the stoner culture.

Nevertheless, this had had the effect of discrediting THC even more, and this is a shame. This is because THC itself is not just a recreational substance, it offers many health benefits too. A phenomenon which is currently being experienced in the U.S. is the gradual legalization of marijuana, or THC-containing cannabis products.

There has also been the rise of medical marijuana, and the health benefits of this are being touted by the medical professionals prescribing it. Truly, CBD may have escaped the negative associations, but its high time THC did too. A big reason for this is that the combination of CBD and THC has anecdotally been shown to provide numerous health benefits.

Hemp, Marijuana, and the Cannabis Plant

Before taking a look at how combining THC and CBD can lead to all sorts of beneficial effects, it is worth making a little clearer the distinction between the two substances. To do this effectively, it is also worth setting out where the two substances actually come from.

Both THC and CBD come from the cannabis plant. However, this can be two types of plant. The first of these is termed hemp, which is a cannabis plant containing low or negligible amounts of THC. The second is marijuana, which is the cannabis plant that contains significant amounts of THC and can be consumed for the intoxicating effect. Nonetheless, regardless of where it comes from, CBD is different from THC and can be extracted, even from marijuana plants, in isolation from it.

However, because both substances are “bedfellows in nature”, as it were, it follows that there are several benefits of taking both at the same time. And remember, the actual amount of THC does not need to be anything close to the traditional recreational dose.

Benefits of Taking THC and CBD Together

Yammy CBD, a company providing CBD health products such as CBD oil and gummies, say that where THC is still present, CBD products can offer even more potential health effects. Generally speaking, it is the relaxing effects of THC that are both increased and “smoothed out” by the presence of CBD. For those taking CBD products for things such as anxiety and sleep disorders, including THC can potentially increase the effectiveness of the product. The only reason that most CBD products sold for this purpose do not contain THC is simply that it still has the psychoactive effect that many wish to avoid. For those that can either tolerate or enjoy it however, CBD and THC is a winning combo for such applications.

Ultimately, the cannabis plant is a source of many different and beneficial compounds. As they are all found in the same plant, it is hardly surprising many of them work very well together.

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