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hair wash


You would think that hair wash is fairly straightforward, however, it is not as simple as it seems. Hair wash has a kind of method to it, which is important to follow.

Hair wash is not just a matter of cleaning the hair, but it is also about nourishing and nurturing the hair.

Using the correct hair products is important. The technique used is also vital as well. Otherwise, your hair may be susceptible to damage.

Furthermore, hair wash is also vital for making hair and scalp healthy. Otherwise, you are bound to run into problems that require the help of an expert Skin specialist in Islamabad.

Factors to consider for choosing hair products

Before you start washing your hair, it is important that you have the correct products at hand. Some factors to consider include:

Know your hair type

Your hair type is a big factor in determining which product you will be using to wash your hair, and their performance is subsequently affected. For people with coarse hair, the product used should have moisturizing qualities.

Similarly, for fine hair, it is important to use gentle and light cleaning properties. Otherwise, the hair will weigh down from the product, and become oily.

If you have had hair treatments done, like dying or bleaching, it is also an important variant for the type of product being used. Those with dyes should use shampoos that will not wear off their dye. For those with bleached hair, it’s important to use a shampoo that will not make their hair yellow.

Ingredients to avoid

There are certain products that can harm your hair and scalp. Silicones and sulfates are amongst such ingredients to avoid. They lead to drying out of the scalp as well as hair. Moreover, sulfates can also make the skin irritated in some cases. Sulfates can also aggravate the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, or rosacea.

The hair cleaning technique

Frequency of wash

Do not wash your hair very frequently. You will then strip off natural oils, thereby making the scalp and hair dry. Moreover, to compensate for the dryness, your body will also produce extra oil, that will make your hair look frumpy and greasy.

Shampooing technique

It is important to properly rinse your hair prior to the application of shampoo. When the hair is wet, it is easier to apply shampoo to it. Moreover, make sure to apply shampoo at the correct area; do not apply to the ends but instead, focus on the scalp. When you apply to the ends of the strands, you risk making the strand dry.

Also, gently massage the shampoo onto the scalp instead of using the abrasive action of nails. This can lead to the breaking of the skin, and thus make it prone to infections. Moreover, using harsh washing action can also tug at the strand, weakening the follicles.

Conditioner application

The conditioner also needs to be applied properly. It helps in protecting the strand. However, your scalp is in no need of a conditioner. On the contrary, applying conditioner to the scalp can promote buildup. So, apply conditioner to the ends of the strand only.

Temperature of the water

Alongside the product to use, the temperature of the water is also important to consider. When the water is too hot, it promotes loss of moisture from the skin, thereby making the hair greasy.

However, too cold is also not ideal. Lukewarm water works best with the hair. It allows for the cuticles to open, thereby ensuring that shampoo can penetrate deeper into the skin for a thorough cleaning.

When using a conditioner, you can make the water slightly colder, as it will help in preventing fizziness.

Dry properly

Dry your hair thoroughly. However, do not tug at your hair when drying. It may promote hair breaking, making you run to the Best dermatologist in Lahore then.

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