Beta-alanine Uses& How to Stop the Tingles


Beta-alanine is an amino acid. But unlike other amino acids, beta-alanine does not synthesize proteins and is thus considered non-essential. However, beta-alanine is an ideal supplement in sporting and exercise activities. Usually, it’s available for sale as a performance enhancer, but it has a variety of uses.

Here are beta-alanine uses.

1. Improving performance in athletics.

According to a meta-analysis of 18,000 individuals, beta-alanine showed improved exercise power and capacity. By taking beta-alanine supplement, your athletic performance and amount of exercise increase. If you’re doing a short-lasting exercise of 30 to 10 minutes, use beta-alanine to increase your workload and performance.

Additionally, beta-alanine improves your resistance training and performance, and volume. Beta-alanine will be a great deal in your quest if you’re among athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It improves your exercise abilities by delaying your muscle tiredness.

2. Increase time to exhaustion

Your muscle acidosis limits your high-intensive exercise duration and workload. Fortunately, beta-alanine improves your performance by increasing your exercise duration. By taking weekly beta-alanine supplements, your workload and exhaustion duration rises significantly.

3. In Military Combat.

Beta-alanine showed improved jumping power, shooting speed, and energy in recent studies. Also, during a short distance carry exercise, soldiers had improved gait and cognitive performance. Therefore, beta-alanine has proven to be an effective supplement for military purposes.

4. Delaying fatigue and Lactic acid.

Numerous research on beta-alanine show delayed fatigue and exhaustion. Further, beta-alanine reduces your acid build-up when exercising, which delays fatigue. During your repeated bout activities such as cycling, beta-alanine will reduce your muscle acid. Such reduction of lactic acid delays your fatigue when exercising.

5. Increase lean mass.

Studies show beta-alanine contains a hypertrophic muscle-building effect. But some studies suggest the increase is due to your improved workload. In any case, you can use beta-alanine to increase your lean mass.

6. How to stop Beta-alanine tingles.

If you take large doses of beta-alanine, you increase paraesthesia which most likely makes you experience a tingling feeling. Although the surface is a harmless side effect, it can distract your day-to-day activities.

Here’s how to stop the itch.

7. Use lower doses.

Using lower dosses is the best way to avoid and stop the tingles. Start by splitting your daily doses into smaller doses instead of one massive amount. For beta-alanine to be effective, you’ll need a 4-week loading phase with divided doses of 4g to 6g daily. Therefore, you can divide your amount into a 1.6g per intake to keep your itch down.

8. Use a sustained Beta-alanine release formula.

Recent research has indicated that sustained-release formula reduces the symptoms of paraesthesia. By reducing paraesthesia, your tingling effect will significantly reduce or stop.

9. Include betaPrimetm In the Beta-Alanine Formula.

Recently, a patented blend of nutraceutical known as BetaPrimetm has been introduced. The mix contains L-thiamine, GABA, and other herbs and amino acids. Studies show that the unique blend effectively reduces paraesthesia, thus stopping the tingling effect.


Although beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, it produces carnosine which helps you improve your exercise performance. And just like other supplements, using it for the proper purpose and prescribed dose is critical. Read the above-discussed point to stop your tingle experience and understand beta-alanine uses.

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