Home Remedies to lower fever in children.

Home Remedies to lower fever in children.


Parents are often concerned when children have a fever. However, today it is known that fever, as long as it is not too high, should not be a cause for concern because, more than a disease itself, it is a reaction of the immune system.

Fever is a response of the body to a possible infection, a virus, a vaccine, or even excess clothing when it is very hot. Most of the time, it does not pose a risk to the child’s health, although it is always good to keep it under control and, if it persists, you should visit a pediatrician to discover its cause. 

However, if the fever is too high or persistent, it is best to lower it as soon as possible. And to achieve this, different home remedies are beneficial.

Seven home remedies to attack fever

1. Wear light and cool clothing

Clothing absorbs body heat and maintains it while preventing the outside temperature from directly affecting the skin and cooling it. Therefore, when a child has a fever, it is best to avoid excess clothing, try to make it as fresh and light as possible since it will be easier to lower the fever. Ideally, you should put cotton clothes on him, which allows him to perspire without difficulty.

2. Give him a warm bath.

One of the most effective home remedies to lower a fever is a warm bath. Water helps regulate body heat and makes the fever subside. The ideal is a warm bath so that the body temperature gradually subside and, if you can keep the child in the water for a while, much better. However, you should avoid bathing with water that is too cold or too hot because these tend to raise body temperature rather than lower it.

3. Regulate the room temperature

To lower the fever, it is necessary to regulate the room temperature in which the child rests. If it is winter and the heating is on, you should lower it a little to cool the environment. On the contrary, if it is summer and it is too hot, you can ventilate the room, always avoiding drafts and lowering the air conditioning temperature.

4. Use cold water compresses.

It is one of the oldest remedies to lower child fever. Take a cloth or small towel and soak it in cool water, then you should apply it to the forehead, nape, and wrists. Once it dries, refresh the cloth again and put it back on. In this way, as these areas cool down, the rest of the body will too, and the fever will subside.

5. Make a sunflower infusion.

One of the sunflower properties is its thermogenic action; that is, it helps regulate body temperature. For this reason, a sunflower infusion is an ideal remedy to reduce child fever quickly. Just put some dried petals of the sunflower flower in a little boiling water and let them rest for 10 minutes. Then you can add sugar or honey to sweeten the infusion. You should give it between 2 and 3 tablespoons every 8 hours.

6. Chills the feet

It is another of the most popular, effective, and simple remedies to lower child fever. Just ask your child to walk barefoot, in contact with the cold ground, and the body temperature will begin to drop. Body heat gradually disappears as it escapes through the child’s feet.

7. Use onion or potato plasters.

Onion or potato plasters are a remedy that uses the same principle of cooling the feet. However, this time we do not appeal to the soil’s humidity but to that contained in potatoes and onions, capable of absorbing heat. Just cut some onion or potato wheels and put them inside the child’s socks; you will have to change them every time they get hot. In a little while, the fever will start to subside.

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