What Are The Best Kettlebell Exercises?

What Are The Best Kettlebell Exercises


The first mention of this term may deal with 1704, where it could be found in the Russian dictionary for the name “Girya,” whose English translation is the kettlebell.

Kettlebell training was popularized back in 1800 by Russian physicist Vladislav Kraevsky, who is considered the founding father of Olympic weight training: he opened one of Russia’s first weight training facilities kettlebells, and barbells formed the central part of the center’s training routine.

Kettlebells are weights in the shape of a cannonball with a thick handle. They were the weapon of choice for Russian weightlifters over 100 years ago. The consequences offer all the benefits of dumbbell training, plus more. The thick handles are challenging to grip, and the barbell’s position about the handle makes the trunk work even harder.

Best of all, kettlebells are versatile. They’re ideal for exercises with explosive movements that work major muscles, burn fat and increase strength. Still, they also add a new dimension to classic exercises like lunges and chest presses. And you don’t need to have a wall-length weight station to get a great workout. A couple of them will suffice for this routine. Use them regularly, and you’ll see the body you’ve always wanted.

We can find kettlebell models of any material, shape, or size: cast iron, steel, rubber-coated, soft sand filled, adjustable, plastic.

Colors and their associated weight identify kettlebell models. The “base” measurement is the Russian pud (16.38kg), from which multiples and submultiples are derived. For much heavier models, the dimensions become pretty important (models above 50kg).

They are an option within weight training, as is the case with dumbbells, but they allow other types of different stimuli due to the way they are constructed. They offer the possibility of performing functional movements since it is necessary to activate different muscle groups to counteract the imbalance produced by their handling.

Among the best kettlebell exercises are the Metabolic and Strength Circuit modality. They are an excellent way to include metabolic circuits in our routine; Increase calorie expenditure and fat burning (kettlebell swing); Enhance aspects of our performance (endurance, grip strength); Add new exercises, such as Olympic movements (kettlebell snatch, press); Substitute conventional barbell exercises (deadweight, bench press) by adding new features.

In any sports center that maintains a suitable material, the kettlebells will be an essential bet; we will work countless metabolic circuits or “functional” type training. It is exercise-oriented to develop actions that we perform in our daily life activities.

In principle, we can perform any exercise as we would do with dumbbells, working both unilaterally and with both hands simultaneously.

In this sense, with kettlebells, we would work: biceps curl, military and bench press, squats, dead weight, rowing.

Muscular Strength and Endurance

Kettlebells can help us in two ways: gain strength or increase our strength-endurance. These two components are linked because to get closer to one extreme or the other, it is as simple as varying the kettlebell’s weight and intervening in which energy pathway (phosphagen, glycolytic or oxidative).


Of course, as mentioned above, the functionality of kettlebells concerning the need to work on the stability and balance of our body (especially in overhead movements).


However, this is not precisely their objective. Still, they emphasize movements where a large number of muscle groups are involved, being especially interesting the Olympic movements and swings.

Rack position using two kettlebells.

Strengthening the grip

In terms of grip, kettlebells also help in two ways: they enhance grip strength, and for those with reduced wrist mobility can be an advantage to train specific movements (front squat) since the handle allows for a more excellent range of motion.

Functional Training with Kettlebells

If you do not have sufficient grip strength (although it will be trained if you keep using kettlebells), you may lose the kettlebell in the middle of the circuit?

Thanks to the best kettlebell exercises as typical as the biceps, curl can acquire a new concept using another type of grip.


Therefore, they will require greater coordination and agility, along with excellent shoulder mobility, especially when dealing with overhead exercises and ankle dorsiflexion, when working the lower body (front squat, goblet squat, lunges) since great squat depth is reached.

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