How long do Steroid Effects Last?

long do Steroid Effects Last


We all know steroids right? If you don’t let me give you a brief introduction. Steroids are compounds initially developed in the 1930s to combat depression. Later on, in clinical animal studies, they were found out to grow muscle in mice.  This led to its use in trying to help humans with debilitating conditions for faster muscle mass regeneration. In World War II, it was discovered that it tremendously helped malnourished soldiers perform and fight better. After the war Soviet wrestlers used them and decimated their opponents in sports. From there it started being used by athletes and on towards its popularity among bodybuilders and sports athletes alike. Then along came the internet, and it has never been so easy to buy steroids online. Now everyone practically has access, and as expected people flocked to Buy Steroids online USA.

Steroids are just like any other drug. If not used properly, it can have some nasty side effects. The bad reputation primarily came when it is used by professional athletes to win on their games particularly the Olympics. When players cheat in such a high-profile avenue, people simply do not forget about them. The truth of the matter is Steroids are just like the majority of any drug out there, any drug can damage your kidney and liver if not used within their Therapeutic Index. The Therapeutic Index or TI is that sweet spot that borders between ineffective and effective with side effects. Ineffective due to not enough dosage and effective but with minimum side effects. Steroids have very wide TI’s and therefore you might have to do some trial and error before you can finally get to that “Goldilocks” spot. The most potent steroids will have side effects, and it depends on you on whatever trade-off that you want to bargain for in exchange for being ripped. Again the higher the dose, the higher the chances of having to experience side effects. Also again, many people take steroid and do not show any side effects at all except muscle mass.

Steroidal effects stay for years after its use. The most beneficial of which is what they call muscle memory. What this means is that if a person exercised in their younger years and grew muscle. The muscle retains its memory of being huge well after it has grown smaller. In layman’s terms if you exercise again your muscle will grow more easily back than when you were just starting. A study on mice found this out because, after three months of being withdrawn, they grew muscles by 30% just after six days of exercise. Compared to a control group of mice which grew 6% in the same time period. It was later found out that the drug boosted the number of cell nuclei in the muscle fibers and it stays with you throughout your lifespan

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