Understanding The Psychology of Muscle Growth

Understanding The Psychology of Muscle Growth


If you have joined a gymnasium, you are probably working out to gain muscle mass and at the same time you want to lose body fat. This article will discuss the mechanism of muscle growth. Women cannot increase their muscle size after a limit because of their genetics even if they seriously workout and consume the right diet supplements. Other than this, you may have seen a power lifter, lifting heavy weights than a body builder even if he is not very muscular. This is because he has activated the motor neurons. That is why power lifters can lift heavy weights in comparison with bodybuilders despite smaller. Ask your physician how to buy Dbol tablets on the internet.

Your body repairs itself after every workout session or replaces muscle fibers. Muscle growth takes place when there is abundant supply of protein. Muscle building process starts when you are resting. In order to create new muscles, you have to give stress on your body; the idea is to lift progressively.

Consume more proteins

Bodybuilding experts recommend consuming 2 g of protein for 1 kg of body weight. Sometimes they also recommend taking up to 4-6 g per kilogram. Increase the amount of protein intake will work for the betterment of protein synthesis and protect muscle. This will excite anabolic reaction and you will get quality muscle.

For quality protein, you can consume while chicken chest, eggs, cheese and protein shakes.

Increase your carbohydrate intake

Your body is in need of energy to perform daily actions. Consume approximately 6 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of your body weight. Consuming the right amount of carbohydrate will lead to your body, you also need protein for muscle recovery and growth.

It is advised to consume complex carbohydrates like oats, buckwheat, cornflakes, you can also eat fruits.

Consume necessary fats

This is a wrong notion that every kind of fat is bad. You are supposed to know that omega-3 fatty acids, whichare found in fish and dryfruits, will improve the glycogen formation and it plays a significant role in protein synthesis. You need to consume protein at least three times a week. You can also take for 5 g of fish oil. Find out the authentic ways asĀ how to buy Dbol tablets.

Nuts are sources of quality fats; eat them on a regular basis. This way you can provide your body with all the essential fats and good quality calories.

Longer breaks between series

People think that taking longer rest than usual will decay their muscles. This is a wrong theory because sometimes due to muscle soreness if you are taking the rest or skipping a day of workout routine, it is good.

On the other hand, when you are working out in the gymnasium you cannot rest more than two minutes between your exercise sets. Longer rest period will rest your muscles and again you have to work out. You will not get the same results from your workout, as you should.

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