What is Shoulder Surgery?

Shoulder Surgery


You are more likely to go for shoulder surgery if you have a diseased, degenerated, or damaged shoulder joint.

Some of the most common conditions that will require shoulder surgery include shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and shoulder separations. When performed well, shoulder surgery can help restore pain-free range motion and full function to a damaged shoulder joint.

Shoulder surgery is a prevalent type of surgery but often comes with complications and serious risks. There are some less invasive surgery options you may opt for if you have issues with your shoulder. Before you can consider getting shoulder surgery, you should think of other less risky options your doctor will suggest.

What are the common types of shoulder surgery?

The following are some of the most common types of shoulder surgery your doctor is likely to recommend when you have complications on your shoulder.

1. Arthroscopy 

This is a type of shoulder surgery that your doctors perform by inserting an arthroscope into the shoulder joint. An arthroscope is a long thin instrument with a small camera. It takes images of your tissues and joints and transmits the images to a video.

The doctor can view any complications in your shoulder and recommend the proper treatment. In most cases, your doctor is most likely to recommend arthroscopic shoulder surgery if you have shoulder dislocation, frozen shoulder, some types of rotator cuff problems, and shoulder tendonitis.

2. Arthroplasty 

Arthroplasty is a type of surgery that your surgeon performs on you to resurface a diseased shoulder joint.

The procedure involves the removal of all the damaged surfaces on the shoulder and replacing them with some artificial material. The implant is also known as a prosthesis.

The procedure can involve a partial or full replacement of the shoulder joint, depending on the nature of complications. Your doctor is most likely to recommend Arthroplasty if you have degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

3. Rotator cuff repair 

Rotator cuff repair is another type of surgery that is most likely to repair a diseased rotator cuff. There are different ways of rotator cuff repair, and every surgeon will have their preferred way.

The main objective of this surgery is to identify any damaged part in the rotator cuff clean and reach any of the damaged tendons. The surgeon uses a different technique to restore a tendon without stretching the remaining tissues. This is done once a healthy tissue has been found on the shoulder.

Other types of procedures 

Other procedures that your surgeon can perform on your shoulder are:

Bone fracture – also known as dislocation repair, is done to repair any types of collarbone fractures, shoulder dislocations, and humerus.

Bursa sac repair – this type of surgery is performed to treat or repair a damaged bursa sac. The Bursa sac is the part of your shoulder providing cushioning for the joint.

There is more to shoulder surgery you should know. The next time you visit your doctor for a checkup on the shoulder joint, you want to ask them which type of surgery they will perform on you.

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