What ROM Technologies Has Done For Telemedicine

ROM Technologies Has Done For Telemedicine


ROM Technologies has been at the forefront of teletherapy medicine, providing efficient and safe remote care and instructions for at-home patients. The ROMTech PortableConnect has made it possible for healthcare professionals and patients to connect remotely, providing patients with the convenience of receiving rehabilitation therapy without leaving their homes.

How ROMTech Has Changed the Telemedicine Landscape

Remote healthcare was likely first proposed after the telephone was invented. Cutting down on hospital or clinic visits was promoted in 1879 by the ‘Lancet’ – a revolutionary idea at the time.

Fast forward over a hundred years later, and these options have become available as natural solutions to patients who require remote clinical supervision. ROMTech’s approach has allowed rehabilitation therapy to be delivered efficiently without requiring the patient to be present at a rehabilitation site, such as a clinic or medical facility.

The company made this possible with its patented PortableConnect telemedicine technology. PortableConnect is an adaptive telemed technology device designed to aid qualified patients who require treatment without leaving their homes.

The device is meant to help patients who have undergone surgery and need physical rehabilitation therapy to recover. The ROM Technologies PortableConnect is designed to connect patients with their doctors remotely so they can be monitored at every recovery stage.

Physical rehabilitation therapy is often required of patients either as part of their post-operation care or to correct a medical condition. Traditionally, it is performed in a doctor’s clinic, meaning a patient must leave the comfort of their own home for each treatment session.

This poses a challenge for patients who require frequent weekly sessions and those who would benefit best from multiple daily sessions. PortableConnect allows patients to perform the required therapy sessions while their physician’s progress is monitored remotely.

The device keeps track of the patient’s performance for each therapy session, which is sent to the physician for review. The device shares all data about the patient’s essential health metrics with the physician in charge of the recovery.

Real-time access to patients’ data allows doctors to make accurate and timely diagnoses and decisions that significantly improve their patients’ prognoses. Doctors will also have immediate access to information that shows their patients’ progress.

PortableConnect is designed to deliver safe therapeutic movement that can be customized to meet the patient’s needs. It can be calibrated and programmed to allow only the range of motion that is the most comfortable for the patient.

Therapies using PortableConnect are frequent, meaning they can be performed several times during the day, but these sessions consist of light, easy-to-perform movements. Because sessions are customized to the patient’s unique requirements, PortableConnect can deliver safe yet effective therapy that ensures efficient and convenient care.

ROMTech’s PortableConnect allows patients to connect more frequently with their doctors. Many patients do not see their doctors as often as they would like due to the inconvenience of commuting to and from the doctor’s office and current safety concerns. 

ROMTech’s PortableConnect offers face-to-face communication with doctors while the patient uses the device. The doctor’s feedback is immediate, so if there are any changes to the patient’s rehabilitation protocol, they could apply them immediately.

Patients can also view their progress as it happens. PortableConnect provides them with information regarding their performance during every session, so patients know how well they are recovering. This makes them more confident about their therapies and capability to perform what is required.

PortableConnect also allows patients to enjoy safety and privacy during their recovery process. The device is delivered to the patient’s home with thorough instructions on how to use it based on their doctor’s instructions. Patients can perform the sessions safely on their own and in private. Their prescribing physician can only view their performance, progress, and other pertinent data.

Another critical advantage ROMTech’s device offers is encouraging patients to improve their condition without depending too much on drugs. When ROMTech designed PortableConnect, their goal was not only to create a solution that brings therapy to the patient but also to make it possible for patients to recover in a shorter amount of time.

Most at-home sessions with PortableConnect consist of 3 to 5 sessions daily, and treatment plans usually last from 3 to 6 weeks.

The shorter recovery time allows patients to recover effectively and regain mobility within a safe and comfortable environment. PortableConnect aims to help patients achieve a range of motion within a shorter period, achieve better mobility, and experience less discomfort.

PortableConnect has shown efficacy in helping reduce pain among patients, eliminating their need for regular painkillers. The therapeutic movement provided by PortableConnect reduces pain and discomfort with every session, which equates to a lower risk of dependence on painkilling drugs on the patient’s part.

This was demonstrated in a recent clinical study which showed that patients who used ROMTech’s PortableConnect device also used fewer painkilling drugs than patients who did not. This advantage allows patients to recover without the unpleasant side effects resulting from prescription drug use and improve their health and mental and emotional well-being.

 Who Can Benefit from ROMTech’s PortableConnect?

The best candidates for PortableConnect are patients who suffer from chronic disease and require home-based health care. PortableConnect is designed to provide access to physical therapy care for patients at home.

If a patient is a good candidate for the technology, the device is delivered to their home, and a ROMTech Field Clinician will provide instructions on proper use. PortableConnect is best for patients who, for any reason, cannot travel to the doctor’s office or facility for therapy sessions.

It is also best for individuals whose condition allows them to work independently but under remote supervision and guidance of their physician.


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