What You Need to Know Before a Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal


Nothing in life is permanent. Not even your tattoos. However, unwanted tattoo removal requires a price. With laser tattoo removal being the most effective solution, there are a number of factors that one might be expected to consider in order to achieve effective outcomes. Our aestheticians make this easy by helping you understand all you should and shouldn’t do when undergoing a laser tattoo removal procedure.

The Ease of Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

Laser tattoo removal has seen a breakthrough over the past few decades with innovations that have shown exceptional results. The Q-switched Nd:YAG is one such innovation that most aestheticians swear by.

Laser treatment for tattoo removal requires more than just a single appointment. Our aestheticians make it a point to analyse your tattoo as well as your skin and health condition before going ahead with any procedure. A number of factors are involved in determining an individual’s suitability to the treatment. Some of these include:

How old or faded the tattoo is

Whether the tattoos have darker ink

Whether the individual has a healthy immune system

Some Misconceptions about Laser Tattoo Removal

While the laser tattoo removal technology in Australia is exceptional in its outcomes, there are a number of misconceptions that people hold when it comes to the treatment.

Here are a few common misconceptions that require tackling:

A single session of laser tattoo removal at your chosen Melbourne clinic is enough to remove all traces.

There is no technology made that can remove all traces of a tattoo in a single seating. However faded your tattoo may be, your aesthetician will recommend multiple tattoo removal sessions to ensure effective outcomes.

Laser tattoo removal procedures leave lasting scars.

For effective results, multiple tattoo removal sessions are often recommended. With enough time given for the skin to heal after every session and proper aftercare, the chances of scarring is reduced greatly. Our aestheticians also provide a list of things you can do or avoid to help the treated site heal better with no possibility of lasting scars.

Laser procedures only remove old or faded tattoos.

While it is true that removing tattoos that are faded is quicker, you won’t be forced to live with a new tattoo you regret until it starts to fade. As soon as the tattooed area heals, you can visit a cosmetic skin clinic to have the area analysed for a laser treatment. Depending on the ink used, your aesthetician may recommend multiple sessions for effective results.

Laser tattoo removal can be extremely painful.

There is a common misconception among people that getting a tattoo removed is as painful as getting one. During a laser tattoo removal procedure at a Melbourne clinic, you may feel a slight sensation like that of a rubber band snapping back. The pain, compared to getting a tattoo, is minimal. Further, with topical numbing creams, you can be as close to a painless tattoo removal as possible.

With an initial tattoo removal consultation at a clinic in Melbourne, you can find out all you need to about the procedure and the laser tattoo removal cost to make an informed decisio

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