How to Improve Your Study Habits

Improve Your Study Habits


There is no doubting that some people really find it easy to study. They simply get down to it and have no problem retaining the information. For others though, studying can be very difficult and no matter how hard they try they struggle to remember anything they have read. The good news is that there are a variety of methods that will help make studying a bit easier. By implementing a few of the following study habits, you may find that the way in which you learn changes for the better. Something to bear in mind, however, is that you should try to take it slow and don’t expect changes to occur overnight. It can take a while to form a new habit so that it becomes automatic.

Minimize Distractions

There is no denying that distractions can prevent you from studying and retaining information. If you have always tried to study with the TV or music on in the background, it could be this that is preventing you from getting the most from your learning.

It is best to keep background noise to a minimum and ask family members to avoid interrupting you when you are studying. Your phone should also be placed in another room, or you can put it on silent to stop you from being distracted by messages or phone calls.

Take Regular Breaks

Something that many people neglect to do when they are studying is to take sufficient breaks. If you are studying for long periods of time without a break, you will not be giving your brain a rest, which will inevitably affect its performance. Your focus will improve if you give yourself a minimum of five minutes rest after every twenty-five minutes of studying. If you have been doing this for two hours, then take a half hour break for a drink and something to eat. You will notice a massive improvement in your ability to concentrate and retain information if you get into the habit of doing this.

Study with a Partner

A study buddy is a great idea, provided your partner is as committed to learning as you are. There is no point in buddying up with someone who will distract you from your goals. Studying with another person will help you to learn quicker and develop new skills.

Stick to One Subject Per Session

It is best to study one subject per session rather than trying to focus on a variety of different subjects. Devote a set amount of time to one subject and work on this until you have a break before moving on to another one. This will prevent you from getting confused.

Ask for Help

While studying, take notes of things that you need help with or that you are struggling to understand. Speak to your tutor when you get the opportunity for clarification on the issues you are struggling to comprehend. This will clear up any confusion you may have and will likely make it easier for you to remember things going forward.

Boost Your Performance

The good folk at KIYA Longevity (visit their website for more information) say that nootropics could also be beneficial when it comes to getting more out of your study sessions. Nootropics are designed to boost cognitive performance and improve focus. Sublingual nootropics provide fast results and are great for heightening mental clarity.


If you are struggling to study, there are a number of things you can do to get more from your study sessions. Avoiding distractions and making sure to take regular breaks will help to improve your focus and make it easier for you to retain information.

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