Spinal cord treatment in India

Spinal cord treatment in India


Spinal cord

Spinal cord is commonly called as the backbone of the body. And as the name goes it is really at the back side of the body giving us a proper framework that provides a dynamicity to the body. Due to the presence of this spinal cord we can smoothly move our upper part of the body. We can sit, stand, run and also bend our body in any ways, due to the presence of the spinal cord. The spinal cord also maintains the balance of the body while we are standing and running and even when we are sitting in a particular posture. The spinal has other functions too. It is connected with the brain. The brain and the spinal cord is connected with the help of the brain stem. The brain and the spinal cord together forms the CNS or what is called as the Central Nervous System. The spinal is hollow from the middle. Through that hollow space a tuft of nerves run. The nerves are the running from the brain and then continued till the spinal cord to get spreaded in the upper part of the body. They therefore also responsible for maintaining the neural function of the body.

Spinal Cord and Slip Disc

Spinal cord problems are very much common. They are bony structure and therefore they exhibit fragile nature. As nerve fibers runs through the spinal cord they also transmits impulse from the brain to answer different stimulus that are happening in the body. The spinal cord contains the sensory root as well as the motor root. The sensory root is responsible for carrying information that is given by the brain and thus should distributed to different parts of the body. It is preset in the posterior or the back side of the body. The motor roots are responsible for active activity that keeps the muscle working. It is present in the anterior part of the body. Like the brain the spinal cords also contains the grey and the white matters. Like the brain they also have a particular function to perform. In spinal cord, Slip Disc is a very much common problem that is seen. The in this problem due to an injury or an accident a particular part of the vertebral column is moved from its origin or slightly moves. This is cause that the spinal cord gets imbalanced. It also causes a lot of pain in the back region. And if it is not treated properly it can remain for lifetime and ultimately it can lead to degenerative reaction.

Treatment method

Surgery is one of the best option for any problem in regard to the spinal cord. However risk factors remains very much for the patients. Medicines are also given. Although the effect is almost negligible.


Best hospitals for spine surgery in India is composed of new and developed instruments that are operated by the expert physicians and surgery specialist so that they can do justice to the patient. The cost is also reasonable as compared.


One should be careful about the spinal cord as a single or minute problem can be useful in getting a paralyzed at any time point. Doctors should be consulted as soon as problems appears.

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