What is the Effectiveness of a Scalpel Free Vasectomy

What is the Effectiveness of a Scalpel Free Vasectomy
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A vasectomy is a safe procedure performed when it comes to male contraception. It is commonly performed in the USA, and many surgeries are performed every year. This surgery stops the sperm from leaving the body. The vasectomy blocks the vas deferens, which is the duct via which the sperm from the man’s testes passes before it exits the body. The sperm still is produced even after a vasectomy, but it does not exit the body when he ejaculates during sexual arousal.

Scalpel Free Vasectomy – Factors for you to note before to agree to the procedure

Though the scalpel free vasectomy is effective, you should note that the procedure will not stop the spread of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Doctors advise their patients to use condoms and other appropriate measures to prevent them after the vasectomy procedure.

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The vasectomy is very effective; however, immediately after the procedure, the man should continue birth control measures for some time till his doctor clears him that no sperms remain in his semen.

The recovery period for the male

The best part of this procedure is there is no pain involved as the doctor ensures that all steps are taken to arrest it. You do not have to stay in the hospital for a very long time, and you can resume working after resting at home, as advised by your doctor.

What about pain management?

Experts in the procedure state that the no-scalpel vasectomy is perfect for men that hate pain and who are searching for permanent results when it comes to not having any more children with a spouse or a partner in the future. However, doctors generally will give you over the counter medicines in case you do feel some pain or even discomfort when the procedure is done. They say that the intensity of pain differs from male to male. It is more of the mental state one is in when it comes to the procedure.

Talk with doctors first

Some men are nervous, and so doctors do need to ensure they are completely ready before finally taking the procedure.  When the procedure is over, healthcare professionals advise men to ask their partners to drive them home, and when they reach home, they should apply ice packs on the region so that any sort of discomfort or pain is eliminated. Doctors say that since this procedure involves family planning with your spouse or partner, it should be a choice that both of you should discuss and jointly take together.

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When the vasectomy is over, it generally takes about 48 hours for the male to completely recover from the procedure and get back to their normal routines. This is why it is best suited for professionals who are busy and always on the move.

Last but not the least, before you go in for a scalpel free vasectomy, ensure that you consult your doctor and ask him about the list of questions you have in your mind. In this way, you are able to be mentally prepared for the procedure and allow it to be completed without mental or physical tensions at all!

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